The Top Universities in India and Their Global Influence

The higher education system of India is one the top education systems of the world along with China and the United States of America. India is recognized well because of its educational institutes of engineering even back in 1861, the government of India declared that the institutes of technology hold importance on the national level.

This is because they play a major role in the growth and development of the country. In return, the newly established technological institutes received a good reputation and development. Now at the national level, there is very hard competition among universities to be at the top. International students study in the typo universities of India because of the use of the English language in their courses and communication.

If we talk about the cultures of India, there is diversity. Because of this diversity, and rich culture, one may want to study in India. Moreover, they can choose the institute based on the culture of their state.

How top institutes are decided?

There is a ranking of the top universities of the world and out of that ranking, the universities of India are extracted out. Then there is a criteria on the basis of which universities are evaluated. This includes

  • Teaching Quality
  • Research Environment
  • Research Quality
  • International Reputation
  • Industry Reputation
  • Number of Students
  • Gender ratio
  • Staff-to-student ratio and 
  • Percentage of international student

Best Universities 2023-vs 2024

As the ranking changes every year, some universities might fall while some come to the top positions. This happened with Anna University which ranked from 23 to 2, aligarh muslim university ranking at 6, and India Institute of Science maintaining its top 1 position. In contrast, universities like Alagappa University fell from the ranking, from the position of 4 to go towards the

Another improvement is that in 2023, there were 75 universities to be included in the world-running system of universities but now statistics show that in 2024, there are 91 institutes included in the world ranking system.

Top 5 Global Universities of India

Here is the list of those universities which are at the top all around the globe because of their education and facilities.

The India Institute of Science

It is the most suggested institute in India which was established back in 1909 in Banglore, Karnataka. Research is on the priority list of this university as 70% of the students are doing PhD and MS programs. The only four-year undergraduate program offered at this university is BA in science in which maths, humanities, physics, biology and chemistry are included. Moreover, the university has 75 winners of the Shanti Swarup Prize in science and technology.

Anna University

It is located in Chennai and was established back in 1978. It consists of four universities of technology in Madras which are The College of Engineering, The Alagappa College of Technology, The Madras Institute of Technology, and The School of Architecture and Planning. It is named after the Chief Minister C.N Annadurai. The main campus is located in Chennai. 

Jamia Millia Islamia

It is also known as Community Islamic University. Muslim leaders established this university in Delhi in 1920. The programs offered at this university are architecture and ekistics, humanities and languages, fine arts, social sciences, law, engineering and technology, natural sciences, education, education, dentistry,  and natural sciences. Sports is also given priority in this university.

Mahatma Gandhi University

It is named after Mahatma Gandhi who was a figure of civil rights. Established back in 1983, the university offers several bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs. The areas of study included in this program are social science, chemical science, international relations, tourism, physics etc.

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Science

Established back in 2009, it is a private institute. This university covers the following subjects such as civil and electrical engineering, business management, liberal arts, journalism, pharmaceutical sciences, agriculture, bioengineering and food technology, physics and materials science, advanced chemical sciences biotechnology, mechanical, physics and materials science, advanced chemical sciences and law.

Students of this university, after graduation, join the SPRINT program which is skill programing through rapid and intensive training so that they may find better employment opportunities.

Other Global Universities of India

The other universities which are on the top-ranking lists of the universities of the world are,

  • Algappa Univeristy, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Utter Pradesh
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Bharatiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, Assam

The Influence of  Indian University Rankings on Globe

These ranked universities have a powerful influence all around the globe as not only the students of India, but the international students can also come and avail the opportunity to study in these top-ranked universities. Moreover, the students make decisions very well based on the facilities that include,

  • Because of the top ranking, these universities ensure their quality of education.
  • They have a global impact and students can also compare the specific top-ranked universities of India with other global institutes.
  • Top ranking means the best employment system as well. So employers also search for the best top-ranked university.
  • A bundle of facilities and opportunities are given to research students.
  • They help you to get connected and spread your network around the globe.
  • They improve the student’s personal growth and development.

How to choose a university?

If you want to get admission to top-ranked universities of India around the globe then you have to consider the following points. Take admission to a university near to your residence, consider your financial budget, consider the accreditation of the university by authorities, and also consider the cultural diversity then it will be easy for you to choose and get admission to the nearest top university in India.


How do the top universities of India influence the world?

The top universities of India influenced the globe in the sense that because of their educational perfection spread across the world, more students will get admission to the university.

How many graduate programs are offered at the India Institute of Science?

There is only one graduate program offered which is BA in science.

What programs are offered in Jamia Milia Islamia?

Architecture and ekistics, humanities and languages, fine arts, social sciences, law, engineering and technology, natural sciences, education, education, dentistry,  and natural sciences are offered.


Because of the diverse cultures and the engineering institutes, India’s universities are considered the best and top in the world and these are the characteristics that attract international students as well.

Universities such as the Indian Institute of Science, Anna University, and Jamia Millia Islamia are famous for their educational excellence. As ranking changes every year it represents the growth and competition among institutes. If you want to choose one of the top universities, must consider the flexibility of finance, location, accreditation and cultural diversity.

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