Top Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs in India

Psychology is related to minds and when the word clinical is attached to psychology, it means the treatment, cure, identification and evaluation of the issues and diseases related to mental health. From the perspectives of students, who are interested in psychological studies, the world is stressing out, and students of psychology are the creatures who are made to keep things calm.

But for this purpose, one must have a degree in clinical psychology, either of master’s or of PhD. If you are among those students who have done their master’s in the field of clinical psychology and are looking for a doctoral program of clinical psychology in India, then you are at the right site. 


In this article, I am going to provide you with details about the top clinical psychology doctoral program in India and where is the best place to study the programs of clinical psychology for the year 2024.

PhD in Clinical Psychology Details

First, you need to know the basic details about the program. It is abbreviated as a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology and with the use of scientific research, students undergo training to explore various aspects of psychological studies. Further details are given below:


  • Degree Level: It is a doctoral-level degree program.
  • Time required: The minimum time needed to complete this degree is 3 years. It can take up to 6 years as well.
  • Syllabus: The areas to cover under this program include:
  1. Psychopathology: The study of mental disorders, symptoms, reason and cure.
  2. Psychological Assessments: The ways to evaluate the psychological characteristics in behaviour and abilities.
  3. Statistics: The field of mathematics.
  4. Research Methodology: To know about how to conduct research.
  5. Psychotherapies: Use of different approaches to cure psychological disorders.

Eligibility Criteria for PhD Clinical Psychology

If students want to get admission in the PhD programs, then they must have done their master’s degree of either MA or MSc. Both applied psychology and clinical psychology are acceptable but students must have work experience of at least 2 years in the respective field of clinical psychology. 


The percentage required for admission is 55% in the previous master’s degree. Moreover, it is important for students to pass the entry test and there is no restriction on age. Students belonging to specific groups have the relaxation opportunity according to the rules of the government.

Skills and Traits

Not only the eligibility conditions but the skills, traits and capabilities of the student also matter. Analytical skills to evaluate complex research,  communication skills, critical thinking ability, problem-solving skills, empathy, compassion and patience are the major characteristics a candidate should have while getting admission into the doctoral degree of clinical psychology.

Admission Process

There will be two main steps in the process of admission, the first one is the entry test which is necessary to clear as mentioned before. The second step will be an interview which is also crucial to pass. Along with these, there will be a shortlisting of those institutes which are approved by RCI abbreviated as the Rehabilitation Council of India.


After that, the eligibility status of the students will be verified and they will have to appear for the entry test in the university offering a PhD Clinical Psychology program. Those who cleared the entry test will be called for an interview and then on the basis of the final assessment, students will get admission.


Their assessment and evaluation will be based on their academic record, their potential for research work and their work experience. At the end, the last step will be submitting your fee for the degree and your admission will be secured.

List of Top Colleges in India for PhD in Clinical Psychology

There are some private sectors and some government sectors. As the private sectors charge more their fee amount is also high as compared to the government sector.


Sr#Institute NamesApproximate Fee for the Course in Indian Rupees
1Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai.5000 per annum
2Department of Psychology, University of Delhi16000 per annum
3NIMHANS, Bengaluru12000 per annum
4Central Institue of Psychiatry, Ranchi15000 per annum
5Jamia Milia Islamia University14000 per annum
6Christian Medical College Vellore75,000 per annum
7Tata Institue of Social Scinces Mumbai1.5 lac per annum
8SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai20000 per annum
9Banaras Hindu uNiversity, Vranasi20000 per annum
10Institute of Mental Health Chinnai10000 per annum
11Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi25000 per annum
12Punjab University, Chandigarh10000 per annum
13Central Universidty of Rjishtan, Ahjmer5000 per annum
14Christ University Bengaluru1 Lac per annum
15Amity Universiyt, Noida1.25 lac per annum
16Jaipur National University, Jaipur60,000 per annum
17MS University, Vedodara15000 per annum
18IMS Unison University, Dehradun1.75 lac per annum
19National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bengaluru12,000 per annum
20Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi10,000 per annum
21Kasturba Medical College, Manipal2 Lac per annum
22Siri Ramchandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai1 Lac per annum
23All India Institue of Medical Sciences, Delhi15000 per annum
24All India Institue of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneshwar10,000 per annum
25St. John’s University, Bengaluru60,000 per annum
26Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam25000 per annum
27Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh10000 per annum
28Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur. 5000 per annum
29Kirala University,  Thiruvananthapuram25000 per annum
30Savithribai Phule Pune University10000 per annum
31Gujarat University, Ahmadabad7000 per annum
32Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar10000 per annum
33Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur10000 per annum


For more accurate details, you can contact the mentioned institutes through their emails, websites and by visiting the institute. These institutes provide scholarships as well for the students who are needy and deserving.

Future Opportunities After Completion of Degree

Individuals who have successfully completed their PhD degree in Clinical Psychology have golden and wonderful opportunities in the future. 

  • They can become psychologists or counsellors in any hospital, NGO, clinic or educational institute.
  • They can be therapists.
  • They can be professionals in the area of mental health.
  • They can be professors and researchers in higher education institutes.
  • They can collaborate with pharmacies, social work institutes and healthcare as a consultant.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is very positively impacted by this course. Critical thinking and solving problems become the habits of the person because of the research work. Scholars get to know about themselves as well that what they like, what are their priorities and preferences and through this way, they build confidence in themselves.

Moreover, presentations, group work, and hard work in research play very important roles in building the cognitive capability of the students as well as their communication skills. 

Contribution to the field

 As every scholar has his unique research, they ring out new ideas, therapies, cures, and treatments by searching about the mental challenges faced by people. In this way, through their knowledge and research, they can enhance their field knowledge. They can help the people with their treatments and they can also provide counseling to the students.

Part-Time PhD in Clinical Psychology

For people who are enrolled in PhD degree and are also pursuing any profession, then part-time PhD programs are for these students. These programs are devised to create ease for students so that they may continue their research work and professional activities side by side.


To sum up, PhD in Clinical Psychology is a way to boost the professional and personal growth of the candidate. There are bundles of top good universities in India where candidates can be admitted to the doctoral degree of clinical psychology for the year 2024. 


With the help of research work, deep thinking, analytical skills, influencing communication, and problem-solving skills, a candidate or student not only plays a role in broadening the field but also helps thousands of people deal with their psychological disorders. Providing critical thought to the mental challenges faced by people and developing innovative therapies and cures for them are the major contributions of PhD scholars in the course of clinical psychology.


Candidates also have a bright future and many career opportunities in which they can provide their services and help humanity. Both part-time and full-time study options are offered by the top PhD program of Clinical Psychology in India, available based on the professional background of the student.


 In short, choosing the best university out of the top university lists for the doctoral degree program will transform a candidate’s objective and dream into a reality.



How much time it will take to complete PhD in Clinical Psychology in India?

It will take a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 6-7 years to complete the doctoral degree in clinical psychology in India.


Who is eligible for PhD Clinical Psychology?

Students who have completed their MA or MSc degree with 55% results can be admitted to this program.


Can I continue my profession while doing PhD in Clinical Psychology?

Yes, the top universities of India also offer part-time PhD studies so that students can continue their professions as well as studies.

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