The Best Audiology Programs in India

The acronym BASLP represents Bachelor in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. It is a very demanding program and people are in search of top Indian Institutes offering BASLP. With the advancement of the era, people are no longer ignorant of the diseases and issues of health particularly those affecting hearing.

If you are among those students who want to become an audiologist and get the skill and training through the proper channel, then this article is written to help you. Here is the list of those universities which are the top ones offering the program of BASLP.

Institute of Health Sciences

Located in Bhubaneswar, IHS provides the best courses and number one education for the field of Audiology. Students are provided with the facility of rehabilitation therapies so that they can do practical work to gain experience and skills. Moreover, it has a reasonable fee structure to provide ease to students.

This institute is highly recommended because the National Assessment and Accreditation Council has given authorization with a B+ grade to this university. Not only this, but the Rehabilitation Council of India and the government of Odisha also approved IHS. Moreover, IHS has a collaboration with Utkal University.

Along with audiology programs, the Institute of Health Sciences offers other programs such as a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy, a Master’s in Yoga and various rehabilitation courses in medical sciences.

Nitte Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mangalore

The Rehabilitation Council of India has recognised it and the government of Karnataka has approved it. Nitte has a specialization in Audiology and under Nitte Education Trust, it was founded back in 2007. It is at 11 number as ranked by Manglore University and for students who live in Manglore or near it, Nitte Institute is the best option.

Jawaharlal Institue of Medical Education and Research Organization

Commonly known as jimper, has a bundle of courses and this is the specification of the institute that makes its reputation. What is important for getting admission to this institute is the entry test which a student must pass to score the admission. Nationwide, it is the most popular institute which is always at the top.

It is counted among those rare colleges in India which specifically offer the BASLP programs and one of the best things about this institute is that it offers an Audiology program from the level of undergraduate to super speciality and subspeciality which are the advanced levels. All these efforts are made just to make sure that students are getting the best education.


Ranked among international institutes and one of the leading universities of India is the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. The university was established in 1998 and the location is in Delhi. This university offers a range of programs in different fields including engineering, pharmacy, medicine, science, management and so forth. 

This is a highly recommended institute in India because it integrates Solar energy, sports facilities for students, a wide array of courses offered and an on-site shopping complex but don’t forget that in this institute also, an entry test is compulsory for BASLP admission.

All India Institute of Speech and Hearing

Supported by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India, AIISH works as an independent organisation. The government supports these institutes and students get professional training and practical work in the form of clinical, addressing mental health concerns, conducting research and many more. The entrance exam is necessary to be the part of BASLP program at this institute.

Other Institutes

Here is the list of other institutes as well which offer audiology programs with affordable fees. 

  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh
  • Christian Medical College Vellore
  • Kasturba Medical College Mnaglore
  • Sri Ramchandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai


What facilities does IHS provide for practical training?

Institute of Health and Science provide rehabilitation therapies on real patients for practical training and experience.


Why GGSIPU is highly suggested in India?

GGSIPU is highly recommended because of its facilities of the solar system, sports, variety of courses and availability of the shopping complex.


Is there any entry test for admission?

Yes, most of the institutes make it necessary to pass the entry test for admission.



BASLP program is crucial for the aspiring audiologist and India has such institutes which offer this field. The best options in terms of institutes are the Institute of Health Sciences in Bhubaneswar, the Nitte Institute of Speech and Hearing in Mangalore, and the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing. 

Each of them provides the best education and training and are well-known and authorized institute. If you are looking for any specialized program, affordable education and practical experience, these institutes ensure students receive the best in audiology and speech-language pathology.

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